Frequently Asked Questions

Car Wash

How to Find the Best Auto Workshop for Car Wash Service?

Maintenance Market has made it quite easy, you can visit a service page and can browse from a range of registered workshops that are providing services. You can also visit workshop page and can read previous reviews and rating and price against each service.

Moreover, You can directly contact with the workshop and can ask for more information or can book an appointment.

What is Engine Wash Service in Auto Maintenance Market?

If You are looking for a service where yours car need engine wash also, then choose engine wash service. In a car engine wash service, you will get your car body exterior wash, engine wash & interior dry cleaning.

In a routine wash, experts do not recommend to wash car engine also but only when it recommended by yours car mechanic.

What is Interior Cleaning Service in Auto Maintenance Market?

Interior Cleaning Service term is used when your car required only interior cleaning. In this service exterior wash and engine wash services are not included.

What is Body Wash Service in Auto Maintenance Market?

Body Wash Service term is used when you required to wash yours car body/exterior part only. In this service interior cleaning & engine wash is not included.

What is Full Car Wash Service in Auto Maintenance Market?

Full Car Wash Service term is used when you required to wash your car body and interior cleaning. However, car engine wash service is not included in this service.​

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