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Key Requirements to Become an Affiliate Workshop with Maintenance Market


Customers focus Automotive Maintenance Market by transforming conventional market into a digital market, provide a reliable source of information regarding car repair and introduce a fair culture of competition in car service.


When question comes to buy a new car or whether to go for old car, buying a new car always remain first choicer for almost all peoples although it is an expensive choice because ultimately it returns peace of mind.

The central reason behind ignoring later option is negative culture in conventional automotive maintenance market. To provide you an insight we listed here main contributing factors, those are;

It is quite common practice adopted by most of the workshops owners in United Arab Emirates, they hired a car mechanic, but without paying attention to their qualification/certification. On the other hand, we are the people whom cars are at the mercy of those untrained car mechanics or car technician & as results we (car customer) suffered in sense of poor car service quality. Due to this, we are not forced to spend more money but have to visit again and again to the workshop after visiting first time and this hectic process ends up at the selling of our beloved car.

In some areas, car workshops are established by the people without following license rules & regulations, for instance, car tire service provider or car electrician providing services in remote areas causes many other inconveniences to quality of services, as they are not bound to the governing laws, customer will not be able to report dispute to the authorities, however, this case is rare in UAE.

This is another horror factor of conventional auto maintenance business, almost all car owner have experienced of countless surprise “materials” and “miscellaneous” car repair fees. It is detrimental for the owners who are already in difficult and trying to survive with their old car when it comes to dishonesty from the mechanics.

Number of people from us has gone through this situation, when they took their car again to the workshop on another issue just after a one repaired a couple of days ago. It happens due to poor quality of service, workshop mechanics are not fully ready to take responsibility of car instead they leave adjacent issues unattended that causes breakdown or visiting again workshop with new invoice.

There is not a warranty for the labor work, therefor it become imperative to select a workshop that is transparent, reliable and do the job honestly.

This is contributing factors & encourages to the workshops owners to continue the practice in conventional way because majority of the car owners do not have basic knowledge of car repair. Therefore, they relay totally on the mechanics advice that often comes with high pricing maintenance & poor services quality.

Maintenance Market has provided opportunity to auto service providers to register free for life and can list their services with prices for customers.

Secondly, Maintenance Market is providing awareness to the customer on car repair issues by displaying complete set of information related to each car service. Along with, we are also providing training material for the customers to do it by their selves but we don’t recommend doing all jobs at home as some jobs can put your safety in danger.

Thirdly, it is not uncommon to get so much time from routine activities, we are providing opportunity to book an appointment with Maintenance Market and enjoy peace of mind as your car will be handled by a Maintenance Market affiliated car service provider. To ensure the top notch of service quality, we have built comprehensive standards for affiliation.

  • Service provider should hold a valid license for the particular activity from the emirates

  • Technician should hold valid training certificate with minimum five year experience on particular brand/make

  • Workshop should have up to date health, safety & environment policy

  • Service should have written procedures to solve the customers complaints or for guarantees claim

  • Clear service price list and detail of service

  • A clear quality policy